System for vehicle infrastructure Interaction Assets health status monitoring

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Facts and figures

Acronym: SIA
EU Contributions: 2.9 million€
Duration: 36 months
Project start date: 01/03/2018
Project end date: 28/02/2021
Partners: 9 partners from 5 countries
Project coordinator: CEIT
EU H2020 GSA project
Grant agreement n°776402

SIA has for main objective the development of four ready-to-use new services (iWheelMon, iRailMon, iPantMon and iCatMon) providing prognostic information on the health status of the railway’s most demanding assets in terms of maintenance costs (wheel, rail, pantograph and catenary):

  • iWheelMon for railway operators will provide real time information about wheel status
  • iPantMon for railway operators will provide real time information about the pantograph status
  • iRailMon for rail infrastructure managers and maintenance subcontractors will provide real time information about the rail status
  • iCatMon for rail infrastructure managers and maintenance subcontractors will provide real time information about the catenary status

These new services will help to reduce the 15% of railway maintenance costs, 25% of maintenance unscheduled events and 15% of derailments associated to the rail-wheel interface. To tackle this challenge, the SIA consortium brings together multidisciplinary and cross sector partners (EGNSS technology providers, research centres, IT companies and railway stakeholders) that will co-design EGNSS solutions truly adapted to the needs of the rail sector.

SIA objectives

  • Development of low-cost sensor nodes (SIA_NoS) for wheel to rail and pantograph to catenary interaction characterisation
  • Development of a data hub (SIA_DH) that collects on-board information, provides accurate position and time stamping with high availability, and transmits the information to a trackside visualisation platform
  • Development of predictive component degradation models (SIA_CDM) that will enable to connect the monitoring information from wheelset, rail, catenary and pantograph with the asset management information system of end-users

SIA ambition

Prognostic health monitoring of key railway assets

  • Development of a low-cost real time monitoring system
  • Increase of energy harvesting capabilities

EGNSS localisation techniques

  • Development of a low-cost positioning solution that will provide high accuracy and high availability in the railway environment
  • Finger printing using vehicle dynamics gathered data
  • Development of a positioning algorithm testing tool

Component degradation models

  • Degradation models: combination of physical modelling & sensors’ data
  • Predictive algorithms

SIA innovation

  • Development of new end-to-end EGNSS based services to address end-user needs
  • Combination of cutting-edge technologies to provide added value to end-users
  • Innovation in business model

SIA impact

  • Make a more modern, efficient and user-friendly rail transport system
  • Maximise the potential of the EGNSS and its adoption in transport
  • Demonstrate the benefits of the use of Galileo and EGNOS in rail transport
  • Encourage market take-up of the developments

Project organisation

WP NumberWP TitleLead beneficiary
WP1Project ManagementAsociacion Centro Tecnológico CEIT-IK4
WP2End user functionality and SIA architecture definitionNottingham Scientific Ltd
WP3EGNOS and Galileo based on-board low-cost receiver and algorithms for railway specific domainNottingham Scientific Ltd
WP4Integration of sensors, communications and energy supply for on-board sensing nodesAsociacion Centro Tecnológico CEIT-IK4
WP5Component degradation predictive algorithmsDeutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt EV
WP6Visualization environment for railway specific maintenance applicationsIngeniería y Control Electrónico SA
WP7Integration with end-user specific application layerIngeniería y Control Electrónico SA
WP8Test setup development and validationFerrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya
WP9Dissemination, communication and result exploitationInternational Union of Railways

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Ceit IK4 Centro de Estudios e Investigaciones-Técnicas de Gipuzkoa
UIC - International union of railways
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und Raumfahrt EV
IngenierÍa y Control Electrónico SA
Telefonos Lineas y Centrales SA
ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG
Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya


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SIA Project Newsletter September 2019


SIA Project Newsletter – September 2019

Want to know more about the GNSS EU-H2020 funded project SIA? Come and see our latest developments at: For more information about SIA, please contact Ms. Christine Hassoun, dissemination leader at:


Project coordinator: Mr. Unai Alvarado - CEIT
Dissemination: Ms. Christine HASSOUN – UIC

This project has received funding from European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and from the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency under grant agreement #776402

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