The H2020 GSA funded project, SIA held its mid-term event remotely on the 9th July 2020

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On Thursday 9th July, over 70 participants attended the SIA mid-term webinar; attendees included Infrastructure Managers, EU representatives, industry and academia from all over the world, including Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Austria, Japan and the United Kingdom.

The webinar was moderated by Madeleine McCreadie, Project Manager at Nottingham Scientific Limited (NSL) and partner of the project. As part of the event, Daniel Lopour, Project officer at the European GNSS Agency (GSA) presented the agency and how SIA fits into their work programme. Unai Alvarado, Project Coordinator of SIA from CEIT then gave an overview of the project. Following this, the various modules of the system developed were presented such as the positioning system including the benefits European GNSS provides, the wheel to rail interaction monitoring module, the pantograph to catenary interaction monitoring module and the SIA Visualisation Platform.

Overall, the SIA project aims at developing four ready-to-use new services (iWheelMon, iRailMon, iPantMon and iCatMon) to provide prognostic information about the health status of the railway’s most demanding assets in terms of maintenance costs (the wheel, rail, pantograph and catenary). The Visualization Platform is paramount and will enable end-users to exploit the full capabilities of the SIA system. Thanks to this interface, SIA becomes a powerful GIS solution supported by well-established open source technologies.

Event highlights:

  • Project overview (CEIT)
  • SIA system description (CEIT)
  • Positioning system and EGNSS benefits (NSL)
  • Wheel-Rail interaction (DLR)
  • Pantograph-Catenary interaction (CEIT)
  • SIA Visualisation Platform (Ingecontrol)
  • Q&A


Recording of the webinar:

thumbnail of 0_SIAMidTermWebinar_Programme_Final

Mid-term webinar

thumbnail of 1_2_20200709_SIA_Midterm_ProyectOverview_SystemOverview_CEIT_Final

Project overview

thumbnail of 3_SIA_Midterm_event_NSL_DLR_positioning_Final

The SIA positioning system and the benefits of EGNSS

thumbnail of 4_DLR_wheel_rail_interaction_SIA_MidTermEvent_Final

Wheel-rail interaction

thumbnail of 5_20200709_SIA_Midterm_SIA_PANT_CEIT_Final

SIA_PANT: pantograph-catenary interaction

thumbnail of 6_SIA_JM_MidTerm_VisualisationPlatform_Final

SIA visualization platform

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and from the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency under grant agreement #776402 (SIA).

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