SIA Project mid-term webinar (09/07 – 10.00 to 12.00 am CET )

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On behalf of the SIA partners we would like to invite you to the:
EU-H2020 GNSS SIA Project mid-term webinar


The SIA project is now in its final year. We are very happy to share with rail experts our main technical achievements, the benefits of the European Global Navigation Satellite System (EGNSS) for rail and get your feedback on the work to be completed within the coming year.

The main objective of SIA is the development of four ready-to-use new services (iWheelMon, iRailMon, iPantMon and iCatMon) providing prognostic information on the health status of the railway’s most demanding assets in terms of maintenance costs (wheel, rail, pantograph and catenary).

The SIA project is a 3-year, 2.9m€ collaborative R&D project funded by the European Commission, sponsored by the GSA within the Horizon 2020 Programme. SIA is coordinated by CEIT and has a total of 9 partners from 5 different countries.

Event highlights:

  • Project overview (CEIT)
  • SIA system description (CEIT)
  • Positioning system and EGNSS benefits (NSL)
  • Wheel-Rail interaction (DLR)
  • Pantograph-Catenary interaction (CEIT)
  • SIA Visualisation Platform (Ingecontrol)
  • Q&A

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