Installation of SIA system

Published by Christine Hassoun on

On Wednesday 7 July, the installation of SIA-PANT and SIA-POS has been successfully completed.
The installation was carried out by the CEIT team, who worked on the design, with the valuable support of the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) train maintenance and engineering team.
Nightly tests were led in FGC workshops in operational conditions without passengers from “Rubí” station to “Hospital General” station. We are happy to confirm that the system works perfectly and looks very robust.
The system is now being tested for a few days in commercial passenger service. SIA partners will be collecting data until Wednesday 14 July.
A big thank you to all partners who contributed to this important step for the SIA project!
We look forward to receiving the first results and will keep you posted.

This project has received funding from the EU H2020 R&I programme and from the European Union Agency for the Space Programme under grant agreement #776402.

For further information, please contact Unai Alvarado, Project Coordinator for CEIT.